Create portable programs with P-Apps

Nowadays many programs are available in portable versions, since many users prefer to use the portable versions, but there are still many programs available in installable version only.

If you want to create a portable version of your favorite programs, P-Apps is free program builder for Windows portable programs that allows you to create a portable version of any program so you can run it on any Windows computer from the pendrive without need to install it.

P-App works similarly to Cameyo, another program for creating portable programs. It creates a system image before and after installation and finally compares the two images to find the differences, such as new files, registry entries and puts everything into a portable program package.

One of the biggest benefits of creating a portable version of a program using P-App is that the program runs in isolation from the operating system. It has its own registry and file system for reading and writing. With this, it is safe and leaves no traces on the computer where it is running.

As mentioned, when using P-App, you first run a pre-installation check (close all open programs before starting the system check), then you need to install the program that you want to create a portable version, and then run the post-installation check to make the comparison.

After you do the post-install check, you need to select the program’s exe (main) executable file. You can also remove files that are unnecessary for running the program.

Then you need to set the security level (low, medium, or high). The higher the security level, the lower the number of data stored on the local computer when the program runs.

Finally, you just select the location where the created portable program should be saved. The portable program is created with the same name as the main executable file of the program you previously selected.

The portable program created (EXE file) can be used on any Windows computer, even from a pendrive. Note that it does not depend on any agent to run the portable programs.

In summary, P-Apps offers a very easy way for you to create a portable version of your favorite programs. The only problem with it is that the pre-install and post-install steps are very time-consuming. In addition, it is always recommended to use it on a clean computer, without many programs installed.

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